Streamlined Trust & Estate Administration,
Tax Return Preparation

There's a lot to do when a family member or friend dies.

While you are grieving and adapting to life without them, it is critical and reassuring to have an attorney with the expertise, experience and compassion to explain what needs to be done and then take care of it for you, personally, privately and professionally.

We have administered over 850 estates and trusts, including filing all of the tax returns needed for the Trust or Estate.

Our results and service have earned our firm the highest ratings for both expertise and ethics from Martindale-Hubbell, the independent rating service of the legal profession.

Streamlined and Cost-Effective Trust and Estate Administration

The best way to minimize the expense of Trust and Estate Administration is, first, to have competently drafted Wills, Trusts and beneficiary designations that reflect your current wishes, family and financial circumstances, and then to retain a law firm that has the expertise, experience and compassion to make the most of your Trust and Estate Planning and streamline the administration of your Estate or Trust.

Trust & Estate Administration for IRAs and Other Retirement Savings Accounts

Many individuals own IRAs, 401(k), 403(b), and 457(b) qualified retirement plans at the time of their death. Sometimes, these plans make up over 50% of the entire Estate. To continue to maximize the income-tax deferral available with qualified retirement accounts, establishing beneficiary designations and the proper administration of those beneficiary designations is crucial.

Trust & Estate Administration in Florida

We also have a well-established relationship with a Florida law firm with four Trust & Estate attorneys to give our clients the best of both worlds: our signature approach and involvement, and access to attorneys on-the-ground in Florida year-round who can appear in court, sell or transfer real property and know the local financial service professionals.

Trust & Estate Administration for Multinationals

For U.S. taxpayers who have non-citizen spouses, a Qualified Domestic Trust (QDOT) is sometimes the only way to pass assets tax-free to the non-citizen spouse. Only certain individuals and corporate Trustees are eligible to serve as Trustee and the Trust Agreement must properly address distributions and tax withholding issues to qualify. We have recently planned and administered estates and trusts with beneficiaries and assets in countries including India, South Korea, Italy, Belgium, Germany, England and Canada.