Estate Planning, Wills & Trusts

Peace of mind, as well as substantial benefits, protections and tax savings come from putting your affairs in order.

Our firm chose to focus entirely on Trust & Estate Planning and Trust & Estate Administration so that we could help families with these legal needs at every stage of their lives, from "young family" life to end-of-life.

Beginning a career, marrying, raising a family, moving into the area from another state or country, preserving a family camp, caring for parents, helping grandchildren, retiring, facing health concerns and losing a spouse are all pivotal times when an Estate Planning attorney can provide valuable advice and draft personalized documents that put you and your family in a significantly better and more secure position.

Now in our 4th decade, our practice has grown naturally from taking good care of people, and in return, their recommending us to their parents, brothers and sisters, adult children, friends and colleagues at work and in the community.

We offer an organized, yet personal approach as we listen, educate, and then use your decisions and the law to create a safety net and blueprint for your lifetime and your family's future.

Planning for Snowbirds

We have a number of clients who have made Florida their legal residence or are considering doing so. Our “snowbird” clients benefit from our established relationship with a Florida Trusts and Estates law firm, giving our clients the best of both worlds: our signature approach and involvement, as well as access to attorneys on-the-ground, year-round, in Florida who can appear in court, sell or transfer real property, and know the local financial service professionals, real estate appraisers and brokers.

Planning for Multinationals

The greater Saratoga-Capital Region has been strengthened by Global Foundries, SUNY Polytechnic Institute and the vendors who have relocated here to provide expertise to them. Many of these companies employ multinationals whose Estate Planning needs to include provisions for non-citizen spouses, family members, businesses and charitable concerns in their countries of origin.

For U.S. taxpayers who have non-citizen spouses, a Qualified Domestic Trust (QDOT) is sometimes the only way to pass assets tax-free to the non-citizen spouse. Only certain individuals and corporate Trustees are eligible to serve as Trustee and the Trust Agreement must properly address distributions and tax withholding issues to qualify. We have recently planned and administered estates and trusts with beneficiaries and assets in countries including India, South Korea, Italy, Belgium, Germany, England and Canada.

Planning for Young Families

If a premature death prevents you and your spouse from raising your children, how do you ensure that the people whom you trust to love and nurture them will become their guardians and that there will be protected resources to provide them with the opportunities you would have?

We help young families accomplish this.

We welcome the opportunity to take care of your legal needs.