Elder Law & Long Term Care Planning

As people live longer, more of us will need assistance during the later years of our lives.

Alzheimer’s disease, terminal illness, and advanced age can prevent us from making our own health care decisions and managing our financial and real property affairs. Elder Law & Long Term Care Planning have become a necessary part of many Estate Plans. We can help prepare you and those you trust to navigate incapacity, if you experience it.

Let us help you establish your safety net.

We can help put your "safety net" in place by namingᅠ the people whom you trust ᅠto carry out your wishes under your Health Care Proxy and Power of Attorney, and by executing your Living Will, HIPAA Authorization for Incapacity and MOLST (a medical order signed by you and your doctor.) We will also prepare your Will and/or Trust, and customize beneficiary designations for your assets, such as IRAs and employment retirement savings accounts, to obtain advantageous review by Medicaid, Social Security, the IRS and the New York State Department of Taxation.

And plan for the costs of your care.

Planning how you will pay for long-term care requires you to think about what care arrangements you would prefer and their cost. Where are you likely to live? Will you be able to pay for your care privately? Do you have long-term care insurance to help with the cost? Will you need to do Medicaid planning to qualify for government benefits?

Then, we are available to advise the people you appointed as Health Care Proxy and agent under your Power of Attorney.

If incapacity becomes a reality, we will be here to advise the people you named as your agents so that your personal care, health care wishes and financial directions can be followed.

Estate Administration

Elder Law and Long Term Care Planning, as an integral part of your Estate Planning, also positions clients so that the future administration of their Estates and/or Trusts can be cost-effective and streamlined. Having completed the administration of over 850 Estates & Trusts, the Attorneys at Bonnie McGuire Jones PLLC have the expertise, experience and compassion to be stewards of your planning until it is completely carried out.

We welcome the opportunity to take care of your legal needs.